In 2005, Deborah Valentine, agency President and Chief Executive Officer worked as an administrator for another home health care agency in the state of North Carolina. Ms Valentine’s mother would come into the office where she worked and express her thoughts about Deborah working for herself, she would often ask “why not consider going in to business for yourself”? Deborah’s mother, “Ms Nancy Valentine” was the driving influence for the start of Nancys Home Health Care which was named in her honor shortly after her passing in March of 2007.

Nancy Valentine, was a very loving & caring mother, friend and neighbor, professionally she was a CNA in her home town of Elkin NC at the largest hospital there. Nancy’s helping spirit didn’t stop at work she would come home to offer help and assistance to family and neighbors with medical needs so often that they would bring their own supplies for Nancy to use almost like she was a doctor.

She would use her certified medical skills to check blood pressure, blood sugar and answer medical questions to the best of her ability. Young Deborah Valentine watched as her mother was instrumental in saving a woman’s life. A neighbor had just left an event and felt sick. Nancy checked her blood sugar and it was extremely high. Nancy urged the lady to go to the emergency room right away. Nancy later found out doctors cautioned had she not came to the emergency room when she did that she could have slipped into a diabetic coma. Nancy’s grandson was choking on a piece of candy and turned blue, without thinking Nancy sprang into action performing the Heimlich Maneuver on him clearing his airways. Nancy was affectionately given the nick name “Nurse Nancy” by the people who knew her best, family, friends, neighbors and patients. Deborah’s mother was the clear guiding force leading her to offer helping hands in the same way she watch her mother do in years past.

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